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Episode 6 · 1 year ago



Episode six is here! weekend league is here! in this episode we discuss the upcoming weekend league and what our plans are. the changes made to division rivals in terms of points gained from weekend league games and OTW reviews are in as well as POTM players. 

We want to say a huge thank you for those who have taken time out of their day to listen to two dumb geordies talk about FIFA and life, it means a lot to see how much better the podcast has performed compared to what we were expecting.

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As always, shocking banter from the two geordies but what else would you expect from us.

Stay tuned for more episodes!

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I episode six O we doing so tex. We aredoing good, very good, Jui, six or six or seven six in it. We should know thispretty shorpan six, fine, ot six. I think it ix of it. If it's not six,we'll just do more. punderous welcome the episode six, maybe Eperfoue, seven,maybe Iwas o seven. But yet it's a interesting week. First,we GAT likue delayed Bitovermay Pot. Have you played any Weeken League?No I've got my xbox turned on here, Readat, your Gor. I 've not paid anyYEA. I've been at work sin five flo this morning, but you were took up inbed, snoozing theysleep, five til eleven. So when Lewis Works orsleep soand then, when l, when Lewis Sleeps, I work, but I'm not working at the moment-'cause Koronof, ours, eovars it', it's it's just! It needs to goaway, no like Al Qaedaliy par as they are gettingl cn get like a month offwork. I can come on head month off Ow, it's like seven months and I'just like.Can you fuck off anyway? As always, this is the focasalsweekliish Fiferlmtim and General Football podcast. Real Tou Horse, and obviously just okind of recup. What we do, we kind o go there, the we gone and the week comingup in Otmate and in Gove Wat, new or feelings, oblethings and your gets are come for the game and stuff like Thap Yeah. It's it's good. If you haven'tsubscribed to an I put Thi on you Tu, so you better vera subscribe Althoughwion o from the Rofrend in you, Costa will fit you Ranyeu to well. I am notfrom the hand of Newcastle, but neither of us were from like a really Potoninew castle of anything to be honestly T, but so expos inuslman unbelievee inthis guy anyway, where you can find us on huge tube you on find us on Appepolld, CAS sportify, Google Bordcas Lords overthe portcast, like an s nineor ten signed up tous now turne out. WHEC is big time like that where'whereJoroga mocomently we ar on Qit on Instagrama El, the inscrms not reallybeing doing much, because I have to work. I can fon all these things. Ionly understand how inactive that INSCRIM is I've. Just now. loarned thatwe have an inscrow EVECO, I tol e, an activeviditin watte ti that happened o like before the firstepesore morrow. We go follow that after this N, whatyou should do too hfor casuals you can find all they havejust searched for fol casials on everything we should shk at some pointanyway. I think COPIC NOMBERO UNO Nono. What is the current team and Welformation? You play nn any so not much change, not much as changed over thepast week other than the team itself tactics, information,still forty three one rocking SPC heavy which, as Kindahopind to not get involved in, but somehow ha've ended up involved in itanyways who do every es and c. So I'm P, I'm currently rock in Nabas, Makiniosand Tagozilbe, with chill well inform just 'cause, Ipack them and Atal, who is sumdenly name ratedand with the Sentinel, is personally...

...the best ragtback I've used all yearthe mind lap monster with this Falsoft Eye, Star Sofi, looking for a goodripeback, SOS long as it can kind to live with Sevi Cam or Readmirras who's,the worst player on the game. In my opinion, O, are you anouganamarashe'sSoba? It's honestly, it's catastrophic like how can someone just be that, likeis Statswi, are so good, especially Ijelity Wis? You should feel so lighton the ball and he he just feels like a symentric like it honestly feels like na wiler and a Wacin Roon Lake, it's embarrison Um, then we've call Kuvat,TCH and rodery. Then we've got jotter the objective, Jon 'cause. You Know Walspacy, like that. What rodey like e's a bit of a truck to be honest, he'snot bod he's like six Ko for an eighty five rated, there's atready many cibileCDMs, to kind of replacen wit, his no well thire's indeedy, who I've gotuntraidable, but on plan RODB Rodry, because I'm also playing in theBernardo Silver Um. So it's like they're lake lingoontogether, but I've always got the ones to watch jot. The brand WSBCHomeodrigos, who I'm a bit funny about 'cause, he's slow an so week, but Iplayed a game last night Gan someone who's like skill, ratand was likeeighteen hundred or something it very high for what I'm normally used to, and I absolutely rene them of it. So we'll see how long Hummers Odis I mayjust have to put the oxback in there. Oxle chemberlain is a little monster bythe way. It's very eal, like a lot of people o be like White, but you gotoxlar chimberlain he's Abese, and then we got the big boy, Anthony MarshaUpfront, gontia, es absolutel esvil. You packed marshal in Yo an ID packMarshall Out of a seventy five plus player park for dibing JotteI'muntradable. He is untradable yeah, which is sad, 'cause Ion O. Maybehundred and Inehty Five K was it's pretty tasty. You know, I think I played oony statle Hem. Iplaye AV Games, Togod, seven girls and a Contii sist on the wetherbut yeah Ohe's he's an opseng beast eecial comebact to a Chirlson who was runningbefore that. So I to team migarn MLIK IS SERIA ARteam assemiactive o a coupl of formation, a kind of runthe four one,two on to narrow at the minute and OA room, Angol all righ keepers ar alwaysweird on feever. You alwys, you always got those one or two outrageous keepersand from what I've seen people see on twit as Kelonaas. Is that outragejouskeep et and to be fair, he's been vile for me, like it's, been actually decentAv, cadrodoat, rihtback manolas and the lit centerbox and Alexandrew atLeftbark, slash striker, because he's never ever no like whenever you like, They'erunnng out Yo lkeit. I need e My eft Parkra, oh alexandos fron. Why are youoffering stop doing n CDM? I have inform bigmanmilingivichsavage Milaghevich Sabage Hosey fiel. Iimagine he feels like trigenal and Esi is not lainisart of NORPA yoever der anaughty chip withon a link of its subage yeah, Yo, normallyangage savage,is younger than me and you is he twenty seven Februay Nineteen, Ninetyfive Ho's, all it's older than you he's allYoun O me younger than Methole Eis, a pensionotto me bily three months, I'm so old! It's crazy! You know I wasT. I was on this conversation with someone on my stream the other daywhele. I I used to play a career moode and I I used to make a custom playerand I alwas was like wait until I get my actual birthday and they and th andsaid: Oh, my Gom up here, Jus sor far now it's slave up on my actual birthdayis a he's going to fuck a retire Nexye Saealy y two SETN mids. I've got...

Rajeangalen and just because he's fittin the four five ont starl with in Senor AC winl me two games a rule. In thenineteenth minutes: The grond of Mace of five foot, four,with two headals with two heades or five e: Let's go incalm, I haveaandrogomas from Atlanta and up front. I Have Ruce Murtons andinform Ein lasanol inform Lazano, H Iwas, I foxonot lanely five pees, butI a'm honestly enough to Lom Hem that much it is certain place Leye I was. I wasjust going under a tungent before about how absolutely got awful re admirisis.Do you go Jo Field Absolutel? He feels like a F. I feels like Rin Kan on theball. That is the best way I can describe it to anyone. That's plaied,fe friend, the last y Shi Hav, Disgusta name in his CI. It's a he's. A songlight on the ball,he's so light on the ball like he feels that he's got a lot more PAS than hedoes and obviously let o Stop Pece with a Hawk but O golike. He did score too aessistor for porcual the other day, and now I don't know, if he's going to geta team of the week, I feel if he does something in the Liverpool game today. I definitely feel hes Isshein but likeif he gets a couple e informed on tha card's, going to be disgusting, N Yer Crack Maback he're, trying toCrck ee. Looking at you, you good, I pulled my back at work on Thursday,whall Shitman Y for Os Shoct we're getting old, hunted dat. The other dayI woke up- and I was Lik- was ment to be go at the gym to be like do legs andScots and Shit, and I was just like my box, like so painful I'm not putting ahundred Ol killegrams on my shoulders. Sotwentyoy Yo boy don't mess on when who comes toto gym these days. I'l tell you what Ley, I think, Babes ideadliftat like ahundred and fifty killograms or something yesterday, I'v not been backan gym since lock, downstard and really more torriable obelievable you nedn't get yourself inthere. I see that Yri seem like toby from theSidemani. Like start going back to the gym and Tlatyou put a picture on he incl twit t n bout, O stock, going back to the gym,an he ut look ingshrudded and you just like piss off yo Ti ked. U UBELIEVABLE! Well Yeah e anymore! Pardon Jima is not for me anymore. Ididn't think it was for me, I'm I'm starting to get back into it, but e newweek we are onto ones to watch team number two, let's Aust, I'm just going to let yousart off with the one ones to watch that. I assume you want more thananyone. Im Gonto go fooen Ale, OL, O singer, assal Brodre go lead, nit, strik or himself.Obviously he's gote himself, O one SWORDH card. If this boy has done myGod dumb headin every time, if plat against them, because this game is sopase heavy, a he's, Goo, Oni, Radre googles and get himself an inform ortwo like especially early game, were looking at a terrifying card. Um Or doyou have you evyou got the team up yet or yeah? Yes, yeah, that's go! So whatare your thought on the actual team in health? NBLOODY dogs MiG get out she come and going a on for Cao Yeah Um. What do what d e You thought on team emto Bett are worse than tmon preferred team on, I think, cover to be a goodpool. If you Manto get him STILN, obviously yeah or fom laugh, I mean Rodligo's got one,but there's no more carge de. I don't really see Hem, even as the leads fin.I doN'TO see him getting...

...many informs. I oviously. I don't watchleads all that not really the way it leades claers like strikers to getlords of goals. It's more E, whole team, collective kind of thing. Yeah we diget a good goal again to the monse East Oa. Against, so I mean more premely goals, an Verna, so h ebuy Um, more girls and three games and Jolin on schood all season for Yi lastyear. So Don' bring go. I bring that one up again, O Weir till he gets to especial cord. I Call Wat for Hornestly Julintoninform honestly. I I had the choice between Nineten ID eighty one team ofthe week Julinton you can best believe on Picgau, and I want to call it now.Premiy league SBC, Eit, six Jolan, imagine tippy far Julington this seasonso far has actually been decent. Now, hobly Bein, one of you, toughfreeplayers, I say like I think when he played hoffin him is all he wasn't alone striker. You always played like a supporting role, more of a wingingplaying off someone o, then just to e any strik at the place in Yeu Castle,especially last year in kindy this year. It's not so much is here. 'cause we'vegot a lot a D mollgoing forward. At the same time like we're such a defensiveteam, we got one Goen, U sit in the eighteen Yabox, it's honestly. The mostru thing you've ever seen. Six stee Bruce as that guy sot on gold put takesa ball at the Corifla, runs around en, like Thehol Assic, Tony Pelless,classic Tony Puless. Exactly so like, I don't Julington's like lack of GoldenShit. It's like I kind of put Doun to that S. LIK was such a defensive team.Any strike, owould struggle, you put Alingir in this team, Ye'd be furious.Late Yeahi think you just fon o ntranca request for the fact that we spend oneattack at one girl and then to sit back it honestly, it's a joke, but we're nother to talk about hol fo newcust a lot because even though we've played prettygrim all season but do ither okay, I think so by yeah an I as back to theone to watch pe rodrigos. Obviously besex towel, I don't seem get so manyinforms Habert and Verna have been decent for Chelsey, but H, ND, ProdaHousin, be there so far. bewhere does not anything uless it's in the cope. NoI a like Bano so like Verna is like hasn't, got any goals, but like Hi's, Ilot like he's. One of them, like I'm sure, he's one of the like threepanalties Yourgenios like go boners ill, be going through the roof because ofErna um EA. Like I mean they start playing emmore on the wing than Oprontin E. Stop playing Tommy Abrahamble o like I'veofrom. What I've seen Verna's been very decent for Chelsea lately, just hasn'tgot the gold, which kind of makes me think why don't Franklan, pardon letVerna or Hubbert just take a couple. Ofthe penalties over Um Georginia JUS got the confidence ofyeah. I A I was hoping that earlier in the season on, I had him in my francyteam h go a paent. Fowien is gon to take this one PA tors cal, Lo Ogorniosteps up and then e someone tries to take a panity off. Em says asmaliquetacomes in, takes takes t e ball off timy Abraham, but e. like I don't know. Whyhe's taken all the penalties, I mean doesn'thave a stupid run up as well. Hehas only miss one panalty for chosen. It wasn't that only the feew of theseason, though I guess sue anyway, objeco objective cards so so far, we'veonly had the JO to grinfall, which I was quite surprised. Hif. We didn't getsomething new. This yer this week to be oest, but then again like really thisshouldn't be fl. I expect ANOTHERSPC player Someo during this week. Well,ontement SPECI, youant R. As well- Oh yeah, I was going to go in that Um.Obviously, we've got the Mainman James Odriez, who has been vile for evident.Like he's, making he's Mangdon ca tat, they Wul look like a good strike, ititscrazy. You did TGA OAS Olding, you IdiDutyague, yes, who onfefeis weirdly good this year, because in previous arshe's been absolutely docious... Het's, been so bad, but Yi knowhe's decent. I think, obviously, with more strike most offenders, if youdon't have like eight or pce y you're kind of screw from getting a bollpinged over the top. But the way I play a FEFA is I keep like the way like thespeed. I win the ball back normaly in the way like I press the the trances omeet like unless you're, like literally pinnging it from your ow eightennardbox over the top. It's very unlikely, like I think I've been caughtout twice in. I want to say forty five matches. Forty Five N, I played forse foutythree Puforty, three muchis. I think I can remember twice of allgetting Pingduof the top which yog silvers a pace has being exposed. Um. We haven't not anyone else, just thento isn't it ytes, Hem too what you thought on Anso, Fu and so tout fattynow I think it's price, for the stage of the game is interesting, came out like a weekend othe game with like Quirement, I'm sure it w's like twoeighty five and eighty three similymat well, I think he's decent, but I kindof feel like I s, I kind', to feel that it's just going. Ta Fall behind themetnes super quick for that price lake unless you're rocking a bar SELLINAteam. Like really is not, I don't know I've, never really. I've never came upagain someone misseing anyone have em. I've heard, like is 'on once told me.One of my friends tha place eas, like team of the week. Fati is essentially ateam of the season card and I was like that's a biut high praise, so he shouldbe insane. His stut suggest he's insane, but I haven't used M. I assume that eis a very weak so unless his responsiveness is decent kind ofvillage, just fancy Morez to be honest, seen being slightly less you solony slightly, yes, that'. That's aninteresting concert, her possibly fo s is what tret ies he of y Os m fonfretstechnial, divet, CP, Uei, Oside, the footshot and speed Ribbler CBUMI, okay,so ouside the Foor Trup Trit mk M, but what s? What a c Pu I means that meanit only happens when the computer uses. Essentially when you won the computersin control of them, a a you, no Knos O it's. I think it's just tr twhen you'relike UNCREAR MoD andshit as opposed to old Matein, but the kindO in there, so they should have hem um. We obviously we're also hard. We've hadthe Ondeslegu Aman, I've forgotten his name o. What do you call him? CRAMARichma Notnot Cromerage, the other one: Seventy seven from gladback NOK,bladback, aredor, lipsig o why he tam, but I'm Goingto, let you Bush our latone yeah that one thing hi he's like he's like ten Kty, I think to do he'sstill available. I haven't done him 'cause, I just I'mlike, you need tomeinforms to really be worth anything. I might do him just for the sake of whenm icon. Soft comes out for German League first owners, the neighttreeperstrake as liveup that isnan interesting- maybe maybe I suppose, pusFaco- be Dois- got a couple of informs like there' like you'll, be an AbuBeast, Um weout a lot O bunersle Gue, we se n 've got crummeches. You justmentioned these player of the month came out Um. I assume Yo surely got for the factthat he absolutely dismantle H. Vimunich, like there were a fuckingSunder League team that crummerage this his card. Is this carled us thetruthlake? He looked. Absolutely mental is start of vil. Forty four K to Du theSBC FORC Sofffal, star Iswet, outside the foot, shop, Tra and flattre, whichkind feel makes them a bit more later on their feet or just ingeneral older than is paous. It's a bit mere,but the Oddzie that you're going to be...

...slapping a hunter on Tha, bad boy whichthem puts everything up to just disgustind stuts yeah, like is isDribelin, is insane shooting is insane its got decent enough to staminizesphysicals aren't the worst they're, not great, but like the very decent for thestage of the game: You're not really going to get an o muscle by anyone. The only thing I have of him is themedium medium and I kind of feel like the reason I don't like Maras isbecause He'Se mediat medium so question if immediate medium attuckers is a bigher's, a big! No! No, but I don't like Mycolo ter make the rums and in mediumattackers Reali make enoughrms yeah, like. I think, that's like the thinglike they just Stan there. So much so, but our commrage looks Carmon, looksvery decent late, I'm very tempted to do that again. Just have O BundersLeagu, O first oout. The fact is, he lookd disgusting. I was Gointo,probably not to rovew on revew or two on Hem, just to see how he feels andGAM and Mabe shees othe fotball Kis, nothing like I teny four did you see, but you spokeforty care to do A. I would noat Wha Fooin, just decite to actshit Ol overmy Google Crome, so that's gone, bless it Yeh! It's like M my so my my rewards on that this weekwere decent enough to the fact where I could probabys do that card, because Itook in trade ays. Do I card for about ten gays, fifteen ank or something likethat. IUD, probably gont need like one or two hire itof people. I can'tremember what the raitons are and it didn't tol Meonfopin, so w no Cramahanfaty like decent player of the on Stomaa car teloon's, obviously anotherone. That's be now for a little while he's decent, Bu Three Star three star:it's not really the methat. You want to be homest other than the pace. Um. Do you think we're going to get anotherobjective car next yee, both one starches a rot o? What do what do youthink we're going to do? I think we'll get another objective Carl before then,and you and then and then I think, Werl get into their spece at some point.This wee a lot ofenge thaandthe guy from Lipzig, so I'm kind to just assumfollow the same Montro. But how long is this Jo got left on the objectis? Ithink HEU're there until Friday. If I'm not mistaken I'll, let you overlook. I ofk you for open and I do not. I won't tell me 'cause I've eaycomputers, there'sodbelievable probabeing too good at again. YBOT. U He's got four days and five hours sremaining. I think we'll get another one when that finishes, and then, whenthat one finishes will be in time for Wolf gime to be OL yea, then once oBour teams come out, e Park will go into ultimate scream, which issomething that would be covering in a future apisode. I'm looking fora Oldme,not a card Kay, give you hop. HECA YOU GET AL PK cardlast year, hoppy memories, Halpm, emere, savage, absolutely one store of the car.That was be um. Oh we've heard about vitzulman that bital card looked insane,alother bones leave again and another Bondis Leaer, exactly um he's beenchanged more like Cam than Scdm, which is obviously what we knew Ba wes beinggiven nineteen pace. So I'm kind of looking at I it Youe stickang Angor onthis boy. Lay He's going to be disgusting. Lik 'cause is, is defensive,Stocli they're, not grat, but like they're, decent for a box TeBoxsmidfield. There are second CDM like you, cul just play 'em on basic butlike if you wanted them as that defensive, mid, Fele, SLALIPA sente on,like he's Disgustin he' he's actually Miganlike but again he's like. I think, 's like a hundred and eight ce he's kindof Fallin, the same area of futty war, I'm just like your price is a bit prazy.For me, your price is pricy. Your praise ispracy, my good Dir anyway, it's yeah busly get heavy on the spcies though wriners Leagahay, indy, theyhave, rivals and foot chumps upderthat E teated oat. It was last night.

Yes, the afternoon yeah. I think one ofthe one things don like a cuminity on it Um. Let me look watever real, quick, tes, openbuten, Google, Chrome Shititself. Sandgi did not have it open because I was having toast on sleepinginstead of prebing shock. This is why Yoe geinsocked, whyI'm Ein sucked, while the emperate Emperor D, late Tomatwez get in tlarhundred groman Romshir OAGAS, Google croom Shit itself, Thee missgone I'vetried searchion for it see if it's faster than you, but not I mean I've, got it up so Um. The mainthing coming from these updates is the rival school, the Sal. It adds upto what you get rewarded o Thursday, so essentially just summarize becausethere's like Naine different posts, if you play thirty weekend need games,you get four hundred points each game towards your rival school. This nowcounts as your thirty rivals games. So if you play thirty weekend LEUE Gamesand then play thirty rival games, those that rival Games won't Contribu toscore y rewards bit of a bit of a Balic. To be honest,I think it's, as you said before we came on it. Itreally limits people getting too top top like division. Wondervin two, Ithink, but how many people who are Sora in s height like sm indivision too. Idon't know about yourself but like how many people in those like divisions of siting, walking outto thirty games ar rivals and then thirty games all Weekendi an fee eyoneSCO is going to be based on the weekend league thirty games of weekend Leagu.If you stay in every game bin quit the O, Oen n disconnects nothing that youget twelve thousand rival once that ill be oiy games done. If you win, agame arrives by four fivecalls: You score lot of Gals. You can look at something up: Te, sevenundreplus points to nine hundred and eighty poincs no dear, but I didn'tknow that, like accual number, if you want the best rewards you're going tohave to play all thirty rival games before Thursdayto get the best score on them and then play thirty weeken league games at theweekend to Metom Weh Nos Onder. If that's goingto co here on the Fok Cause, I definitely will her know o r Li frog, impressionalsmForbono, io h this. What happens when Tho Goth ollguys don't don't get to live Livo like an inward book like exactly like annward it as like Jimmy cars, laugh just idward aboutyeah. I think I think it's. It isa very. I think it's good in the sense of youcan't just get people Gettin, absolutely outrageous. Scoles thiswhole concept of limit in the amount of games, a CONTRIBUTO or rival points. Ithink arelake because, like you, could sit and play at forty gamesof rivals and Yoiouse to get like. Oh Ten thousand dices that sit and playlike a hundred games a week, you yed just like keep it off. You can'tComputon you Sola on rank. One rewards by twenty points by twenty point.Twennty points did he get? Did he get anyone go on your rewarts? Did I shit?Newis Muriel was the best one I got. I think my best was Mut tummels and thenI got like three informs, though so concomplaint they're all shit, but youknow also have you oben your the puck guaranteed team doe? Yes, accidentallyedid, I I like S, sume parks. I was doing every time I goin to it thateveryone's, like two player parks, ire on see an HALFM. I think I've doneabout fifty. I think mobest play has Beeng ad to rain the absolute Don ShitSaganoid, yet again getting aft Te...

Dogshi and then Dad my park and gotgilty sicets and owas. Just like it's, not the trialwalkr. I was kin hom forgothings, wirth Hammez, ygilfy Sigaton. I don't even know whatto Starter Wat, his stat and you e Ao, the rivals. weekendingthing. I think weekand league the thity games overthree days as a massive street on people who want to get them thirtygames done and merely push for the best rewards mentally. I would like to seethe extent we give league from Friday to Monday included just HavTha exradr to spaciy games of because thirty games and three days it's a lotand then Yan on top of that now having to do if you want the best rewards your thirty rival game. On top of that, it's a lot mentally to deal with beable to get through all O that a a lot of people Berin in house like likes ofthe big huge uas like NAP airnine scares they're not going to be Gron, Othirty rivals. Thirty, we can leadue squad bottle matches yeah. I supposethat just got Lik. Their content is based off like those g people givingthem their rewards, really yeah. So but, like I suppose, it's like it isinteresting 'cause you do get people that just pay rivals and don't playWeekend League Anto, those people, I command you, because we can Likis conseUm, Wasa, weird noise. I came through honesy. Why Oon mesomebody? We had line this soppening M, but essentially yeah. Like I don't know. I think it's it's a goodidea, but it's also a very bad idea like ir someone that is going to play aweekend league. I don't always play all thirty games because I tended to go togold three and then just stop becausits, never worth the stress. I mean Gothr.Last Dar got me Inbobby, so te've got me unbed ether, nothing! I G ANYBODYTAT! All No group Greesman. I agreez me in the first weekend and that was ityeah Um yeah. It's like I mean rent ofvioucsly, redlooks, redlook, well,yeah. Don' it's like I'm quite satisfied to get rank three on rivalsif, especially after weeken need games because, like I don't want to besitting playin loads of ridal games after the week end e Ecause, as you say,thirt ygain and the way I do. We can nore MES 'cause my jobs so weekendheavy Nan Times it ttend H. I play a lot of my games on the Sunday night,like ie stap until the deadlaying on Monday, I think, won. I think one. We O playedtwenty five games on Sunday night. I start at twelve o'clock and the sunplayed the mall. I sa that's not good for you intams like mentally, maybelike really Mentaly drealing on that Jus Consinen Pliin. I bet on the oneday like afternoon. You justwouldn't even want to look a Fefe, no like, as I mean I'd, always like log onfor the content and stuff, but Yeahli. I wouldn't want to play a game afterTas Nowell. I I guess I guess it's good for like someone like me to go throughthat sort of stuff and en not have to worry about being so far behind on therival Schol, so thiswas, okay, wem an then wrap up.What's your t s imagin we're in school and you're,going from earstar to or can usethis big old? U, I think wasit you and you just Uni underfind you he oeerit. What would you realize it was the minost telfood when you need theretardscholes Um, so I' say for me. Currently I think it's I thinkit be MNSAGO with. I think the game itself is. It is decent. It is so muchbetter than last year. It s saw so much...

...better Um fefift en was just words Kindo, it was hands O it's noteven like close like it was Hans down the worst F that ever made. It was sorbard and I think really anything was going to bean improvement on it. So I don't think that my opinion on that is sentrallybase of how bad fever was just coming off absolute monstrosity of the air,but I think the gameplay needs e Fucheiqes, especially defensively,because it's so easy just one thing I find. Is They? If you do ping a ball, I cind o find alot of the time IAVE GT round on defence by the opposition, just pressand Falwind. I assume it's the ethe licou sum in the buttons to make alltheir players roten or they've got these Fasbil to play where everyonebombs forward anyways, but like theres so many times on my c, MS, do not trackback at all, like hey need to change that somentally. If I've got my twoCBMs on starback, while a tacking and then I got attacked and ther stood inthe half a Li, while my defence is on the Eighteennar box, four on Bli six, Ithink they need to change our passing there'Bein. A couple of things migh mypasses like I'll, be trying to pass under no pressure in a straightline andI'll just go astrai for no reason lay why? Why is this tsomething s? I think passin indefended need a fewtreaks other H, 'm, pretty content with everything I hevent really noticed muchelse, there's till a bit of a shooting delayer, but I've kind just grownaccustomed to it to be onness it as been noing in therese very closequarters, but I suppose it gives them over real time effect with. If there'sa sort delay, because people don't just shoot the second, they think shoot tothe there's, always that few seconds of fall process but, like so far so far, and I like ff andthat's not just because for some bazarries last feefar I think I waslike Ivdivfive D, five Du four, I'm in divto now and I'm absolutely reckingpeople laycomtex that MiG sbe to me. I have approved o the game alot, I haven'improved it a game long, you takin the pieces and Ot O. I go on the STREEMright now. Es Live Treamand Wer like Thirten K, people I go! Ont N! I takeover hi seat M you go on came on yours last night, you ad sixteen iat like fourteentel it streaming. ThWeird on for me recently, like I kind of feel like I like I'll, either bedoing like fifteen I'll, be doing six yeah, sometimes ihave gone from withinthe SPARSO ten minutes. I've had twenty two people in all chat and blaeveryone's Gong and then ten menuthsly. As Li Tas, four people, the T, happenerIsbarkock, I guess AFOR Y Ritten. I win to see just blow a younger Goceplus, amassive masshav improvement on lastyear's adition M, a few things setritue from me.Defendin, like you say, I think it's just track and plasant of that. One bigthing for me is the clear switching as be as caused me t, so many problemsI's not certin. He right player that I needn the right stick. Switching wisedidn't seem as accurateas. It was in previous es. Iwatched a Boris bors legend. I think it was idid like a sentence tetorial as ashe does every year and I'm pretty S ad a similar issue, and I changedsomething in my sentence that he said an I've not had that big of an issue'cause. I thought EXACTL issue wear S. I gas whichin, SFOCKING cat, stopping Ieven noice Tha aslish. I think Wright, stick dribb right, stick! Switchingover like aarl, lm or whatever it is, I think, just getting used to that. Stick.Changes opposed to just spamlontlimticycloo do last year, sothis year, Olbefore come straight back... was wot just not the same, like the responsiveness of which play ontrying to get to and stuffnew game learning cave yeah. It is it if theymake the right moves. I think, last year they the was the issues and thegame wasn't so bad and then like they're, just everyday was just voiceand wose and worse yeah. So, but I think a lot of positives, Ithink ants to Watk so far as be n, a good success for your investors in yourcasual players, like the JO S B, the joob objective was so achievable foreveryone nor Wen. I think one thing that Ou need to really do this. Yea N,especially in objectives, is keep the win requirement. Iwul, because someonelike myself or Penthas, for example, who's indivision, two division on GP Havna guarantee a wing is like,while using like certain requirements in a team, it can just be catostopicbecause you just go always going to come up. Waain t super teams, Kevesence,I being Divisien to every game. I've played is just like gowod. I've spenttwo an fifty quid on this stupid game already and I'm s there liketaking thepic link. I CAGAG E sked T in a couple comes in Thi stem and it was just likewe cu, like t had an. I think he had CN someone else. CANMEM ashion is insaneby the way, but yeah like it'sjust. Some of the some of the teams.Peoe love like is just crazy, like so trying to tr O. do that, while usingon' know three bons BNDESLEAGUA teams like to guarantee a wing IABTIN, theyneed to keep the win. Thinbe Wen, keep winds out of it, and then objectiveswill be so much more fun to do and less ressful agree. SOABOUT RAILP EPISODE S,six Ticepi even got Asor sixt Bethir. I would do norry. You know it's it's a slow learning curve. You haven'talready telephoned telefamily Telegran yoganlvn grants loaf for Omerteam likeif they don't love it like the love. Looking at Louistown like I'm, not evenhand, I'm just handsome. If we look at the screen right now- and we look at meto you like, like you- look at you- bin on the bedlike yeah biive not left thehouse in six months- afvve work outside Tin, twenty eleven you've worked insidesince whenever you worked inside from this is this is the difference it here.This is why Yo shuld get a Jo ounside ave. Al Hea spent four summers workingin America and my probably still going to watch time to be on the devil.Cuooky I've spent four summers working in the marison. You have to kind of aWASHTONSEE. I see Y I've been there for six years, but telle friends,tedyfarmily, spread the loaf share this on all all his stuff. obviusly big Louie here is going to besome extensive, promore, particular n ascrn W oon home this week. Well, I'mgoing to go, follow Thatd, be good. Numbers were already onthat one yeah. Obviously we do orown things fromtime to time. Are you making you just going to upload this on you tube onyour channel or you going to make a FO casrols channel or con Yo Aske me agoodseparate Junnel, that's fair enough! I do a lot of work outside of this. If it's eesides to peer the bills, thenit can have it awn channel. I do a lot of sleeping out out of thisso yeah. In the meantime, you can find metwitchd OT, T, V, Ford, SLA, Mici, tries ess and how you still readingthat cause. I changed over and I was justlike y no make sor like icon, foco six episodes ind a Robacani Wan t find me on twitch, when I veryrarely do 'cause m ne hi twitched on TV, forslash, overship es Gamen Heon thathaving to read anything,...

...that's why my web coun CISIN WT, nbelievable, yeah, Um, AFO Catul on allthe socials on portcassivces. You tube a lot, and I should do it. It'sMarvellous I' missed a min of the MOISIDE Dabi, so yeah tings cros timecos like six and aother Ta of the week I'll be watching salt granges. My by.

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